‘Ghana losing over $100m annually to cybercrime’

The Head of the Cybercrime unit of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Dr. Herbert Yankson, has revealed that the country loses over 100 million dollars yearly to internet fraud.

According to him, Ghana lost 35million dollars in 2016, 69 million dollars in 2017 and 105million dollars in 2018.

Speaking in an interview with Adam Bona on Alert on Starr FM Tuesday, ACP Yankson said “remember that this might not be the real figures, it just at the CID headquarters and we are trying to establish some of this units in all the regional capitals but we have not been able to do so, currently we only have one in Kumasi that it’s even at the infant stage.”

ACP Yankson added “that is very worrying and that is why it is something we need to come together and realize that, this is something that is going to bring the economy down, so we should wake up”.

According to him, on the average he receives 50 cases every month adding that the quest to go digital increases the vulnerability of the nation to cybercrime.

ACP Yankson is advocating that the country builds a stronger capacity to investigate crime within the cyber space.

“That is why we as a country we should build our capacity when it comes to investigating crimes within the cyber space.”

Source: Ghana/ Frimpong

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