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Ghana Is Peaceful Than UK, 118 Others …

DESPITE ITS recent security challenges, Ghana has been ranked more peaceful than the United Kingdom.

Ghana has also been ranked more peaceful than 118 other nations including Syria, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Panama, Laos.

This is according to the 2019 Global Peace Index which ranked a total of 163 nations around the world.

Ghana ranked 44 while the UK ranked 45, with Laos ranking 46, Panama 47.

The favorable ranking for Ghana comes barely two weeks after the UK updated its traveling advise, warning its citizens coming to Ghana of possible terrorism attacks and other crimes.

Interestingly, the UK which sounded more peaceful in its traveling update is rather less peaceful as compared to Ghana and the ranking goes to confirm what a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Gabby Otchiri-Darko, earlier pointed out as ‘hypocrisy’ on the party of the United Kingdom.

He said the UK claim to be peaceful even though it had experienced real terrorist attacks which Ghana have not suffered.

In the 2019 Global Peace Index, Iceland ranked as the most peaceful nation in the world.

Placing second was New Zealand, with Portugal taking the third slot.

New Zealand’s second position is despite the terrorist attack on the Christchurch mosque which left about 50 persons dead.

Authors of the Global Peace Index underscored that New Zealand had improved other scores and developed a “resilience” to cope with such disasters.

Austria placed fourth in the ranking, with
Denmark coming fifth.

African and Middle Eastern nations generally performed poorly.

According to the report, “Europe remains the most peaceful region in the world and it recorded a slight improvement in peacefulness after several years of deterioration.”

It said “however, despite these improvements, the broader political environment in Europe remains uncertain, and resurgent nationalism and terrorism remain significant threats to peace.”

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