Germany investigates hundreds of neo-Nazi emails sent to politicians, lawyers and a pop singer

German authorities are probing hundreds of threatening emails sent by supposed neo-Nazis targeting politicians, lawyers, a pop singer and others.

The anonymous emails containing bomb and other threats were signed as “National-Socialist Offensive,” “Wehrmacht” or “NSU 2.0” and prompted the police to carry out searches for bombs in two cities.

Martina Renner, a left-wing Member of Parliament, and pop singer Helene Fischer were targeted in the email campaign, according to the BBC.

Renner’s email threatened with with letter bombs and “executions in the street.” The email, which also mentioned biological weapons, was signed “National-Socialist Offensive,” in reference to the ideology of Adolf Hitler, according to the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The main railway station in the northern German city of Lübeck on Monday and the public finance offices on Tuesday were evacuated due to the threatening emails. No bombs were reportedly found.

Fischer may have been targeted due to her outspokenness against the far-right, which she condemned last year after marches in Germany.

Other emails were directed to journalists, lawyers, the Central Council of Jews, public institutions and other prominent figures, Deutsche Welle reported.

The investigators said no bombs were found and the threats remained to be only virtual so far.

The emails mentioning to “NSU 2.0” refer to The National Socialist Underground, a far-right extremist group that was responsible for the murder of eight random Turkish nationals in Germany between 2000 and 2007, according to the broadcaster.

Those responsible for the emails would face prosecution under laws banning incitement, blackmail and other disturbance of peace.

|Fox News


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