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FIDA-Ghana demands prosecution of men who impregnated 2,865 under-aged girls

The International Federation Of Women Lawyers ( FIDA-Ghana) is pushing to prosecute perpetrators who impregnated under-aged girls during the 10 months shut down of schools amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Federation is also urging parents to seek prosecution for their teenage daughters.

According to statistics, more than 100,000 girls were impregnated within the 10 months period last year with 2,865 under the age of 15.

According to a board member of the Federation, Kezia Ken Azumah, many of the girls have left the perpetrators off the hook.

One of the girls in the Upper West Region told Joy News correspondent, Rafiq Salam that her poor parents could not provide for her, so the man helping her impregnated her.

Another said an older adult took advantage of her and refused to take responsibility when she took seed.

But the FIDA board member is urging parents and even teachers to seek remedy in the law.

“There’s a boost in the law against the people who have impregnated the young girls who are under age 16…Without any proof, the girls can use the pregnancy to secure a conviction.

“There is a strict liability against these men who have impregnated the girls.”

Instead of having negotiable talks with the culprits, Mrs Azumah is advising parents to report the case to the Ghana Police Service (GPS).

“Stop begging them to take responsibility and report them to the Police!” she said.

She said DNA tests should be conducted when the perpetrators deny responsibility and accountability for their actions.

“And if the DNA points to him, he would be convicted between 7 to 25 years,” she said.



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