Emelia Brobbey flaunts her customized Bentley car in new video

Popular Ghanaian actress Emelia Brobbey has set tongues wagging after flaunting her classy Bentley car.

In a video that was sighted by, the actress flaunted the white-coloured car with a customized number-plate.

Emelia Brobbey was seen sitting in the car while the entire car was filmed slowly as it had a number plate “EMM 1 – 19”. After posting the adorable video, she captioned it “Details ”FAMEK)” Video is out. Subscribe and watch full video on YouTube channel: EmeliasHour #fameko #EB #takemeaway.” This is the first time Emelia Brobbey has revealed she owns a Bentley which is known to be a very expensive car.

Fans and social media users drooled over Emelia Brobbey’s new fast car which proves that she is rich and classy as they took to the comment section to express admiration for her:

@isaackantah expressed admiration on Emelia Brobbey: “You do all QueenEmms .”

@bemah12 quizzed Emelia’s new song: “I can’t find it on youtube o. The lyrics is the only thing available.”

@amoah8053 showered accolades on Emelia: “Awwww congrats darling soo happy for u oo.”

Deducing from the comments, it is evident that fans are excited about Emelia Brobbey’s new flashy car. However, the celebrated actress has added singing to her acting career, recently releasing her first song, titled “Fameko” After acting for many years, Emelia Brobbey began her life as a musician, attending her first interview in a publication by

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