EL proposes to Regina Van Helvert in latest photo; fans sad for Berla Mundi

A new photo of TV presenter Regina Van Helvert and rapper EL has caused tongues to wag on social media. In the photo, EL was seen on bended knees while he held Helvert’s hand to put a ring on her finger as is done in engaging a lady. The GHOne presenter shared the photo to her Instagram with a caption suggesting that she did not accept the proposal, or perhaps, was not ready for it.

Many people who reacted to the photo have expressed disappointment because they believe EL was for Berla Mundi, Regina’s own friend, and former working colleague.

Ram, for instance, wrote that EL was supposed to be dating Berla Mundi:

ramistya: “I thought EL is for Berla Mundi oooo.”

Ekay, who was also shocked, said boys could do anything: e.k.a.y_:

“@ramistya ashoq boys be lowkey.”

Luv cautioned that Berla won’t be pleased with the photo:

luvlees212: “Berla Mundi is watching .”

Nana also felt sad for Berla: nanamadeinchina: “Where Berla Mundi dey.”

Derby also warned that Berla must hear what was going on:

derbyatubiga: “Berla must hear this oooo.”

Still, there were others who admired the two:

Gideon, for instance, said the EL-Regina combination is great

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