Don’t reduce Ghana’s problems to fancy slogans – Mahama tells government

Former President John Mahama is not impressed by government’s approach towards tackling the hardships in the country.

He believes the Akufo-Addo-administration is taking the sentiments of the populace for granted.

“The problems of our country and the solutions to them cannot be reduced to a handful of fancy slogans,” he said at the University of Ghana on Monday.

Ghana has, over the past few months, seen agitation by the youth who say they are fed up with unfulfilled promises and low standards of living.

One of such groups, the #FixTheCountry movement recently embarked on a mammoth demonstration in Accra to drum home these concerns.

They have vowed to push the government to the wall until they see favourable changes in the economy.

Government, in reaction to this, has indicated that it is on the path of restoring livelihoods and improving the lives of the citizenry through initiatives such as the Free SHS programme, Planting For Foods and Jobs and the recently-launched Agenda 111.

Mr Mahama sees these interventions as knee-jerk responses calculated to water down the sentiments by throwing about mere slogans.

“We have problems in every sphere and so when the young people say #FixTheCountry they are not talking about sloganeering and a partial fix in one segment or an attempt to fix one segment,” he explained.

“So when elections are coming, it is Free SHS, next election it is Agenda 111. Our problems go beyond this sloganeering.”

Speaking at the NDC’s Professionals Forum on The State of The Economy, the former President proposed that government explores more equitable ways of “comprehensively and making their [Ghanaians] lives more meaningful.”

“So the problems facing our country should not be reduced to a handful of fancy slogans and poorly conceived implemented half measures, aimed at obtaining shop-lift political gratification only to have them inflict deeper socio-economic wounds on our country and leave more problems than resolve,” he added.



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