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Dad comes up with adorable way to keep his kids happy when they want McDonald’s

It’s always hard to say no when it comes to fast food cravings – and it’s no different for little ones.

Dad-of-two Andy Coffey has always struggled to get to McDonald’s, one of his children’s favourites, with the closest branch 13 miles away from their home.

When his children, Alannah, six, and Kahlan, four, had their mind set on a Happy Meal, the quick-thinking dad swerved the long drive and instead went about creating his own version.

Complete with a toy and presented in a traditional paper bag just like Ronald does it, Andy’s £3 hack went down a storm with the youngsters – and plenty of others online.

When his children’s cravings came, the 34-year-old from Suffolk nipped to the nearby Iceland and Poundland to buy his own ingredients and the must-have Happy Meal toy to create his own self-named ‘McDaddy Smile Meal’.

It took 30 minutes to put together as the driving instructor use grease proof paper in his kitchen to make personalised chip packets and burger wraps, before putting them in a paper bag to hand deliver to his hungry customers.

Andy said: “The kids wanted a McDonald’s but the closest one is 13 miles away, it’s quite rural round here so we can’t always get them one.

“I popped into town and picked up a couple of toys, ran into Iceland and grabbed a few burgers and whacked it all together.

The two meals and toys cost the dad just £3 (Image: Andy Coffey/ CATERS NEWS)

“I used the grease proof paper and a bit of tape to keep them all together and there we had it.

“The kids loved it because it all came in a bag, they found their chips, burger and toy and ate the lot.

“It was all freshly made so it was healthier than the original takeaway and all together it only cost me £3.

“My wife had to come home from work because she was a little under the weather so I was left to my devices on daddy duty to get lunch sorted.

“It was actually really easy to make, and my daughters had a lot of fun opening it all so maybe that’ll be the plan in the future when they want a McDonald’s.

“It was much cheaper and probably better for them, the toy really sold it though.”


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