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Class ring lost in lake returned to woman 30 years later

Sept. 4 (UPI) — A woman whose class ring was lost during a swim in an Oklahoma lake more than 30 years ago was reunited with her property thanks to a social media search.

Giovanna Hasty said her sister, Mary Walling, lost the Fresno High School ring more than 30 years ago while swimming in Carlton Lake at Robbers Cave State Park

Hasty said she recently received a Facebook message that led her down the path to reuniting her sister with the ring.

“I got a private message from Facebook from somebody who said that they had seen a ring posted on there that could have been my sister’s,” Hasty told the McAlester News-Capital.

The person who sent the message directed Hasty to a Facebook post from Linda Watson of Wilburton. Hasty spoke to Watson on the phone and found out how she came to possess her sister’s ring.

“She said 30 plus years ago, her and her husband was at the lake in Wilburton and for some reason they had to drain the swimming area there and they took their metal detector there and found the ring,” Hasty said.

Watson said she recently decided to try to find the ring’s owner and turned to social media for help.

Hasty said the ring was returned to Walling on her birthday.

“It was pretty exciting,” Hasty said.


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