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Bride-to-be mocked for McDonald’s Big Mac proposal – but others say it’s perfect

The woman shared a photo of her engagement ring on Facebook, and she’s been inundated with comments about the unusual proposal.

Most people put a lot of thought into the perfect proposal.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a flashmob in the town centre or a quiet evening at home on the sofa, as long as it’s romantic and special for them.

But one man’s proposal has raised a few eyebrows and people on social media are relentlessly mocking his idea of romance.

He popped the question by placing a beautiful diamond engagement ring right in the middle of a McDonald’s Big Mac.

His girlfriend, is believed to have said yes, posted a photo of it on Facebook and has been inundated with a variety of comments, reports the Sun .

While some thought it was sweet, the majority of people weren’t impressed.

One wrote: “Looks like a McNightmare. Also, it’s really (and unnecessarily) bothering me that the bun is dry except for one weird smear.”

Another replied: “Big Mac? Big no.”

A third commented: “Um. That better not be a Big Mac. Five Guys or nothing.”

Many people hoped he fully embraced the McDonald’s theme and asked if she would “McMarry him.”

And there were also many other important questions.

One commenter wrote: “Can she have the burger if the answer is no?”

The burger proposal isn’t the only engagement to catch people’s eyes today, but one woman’s happy announcement was somewhat overshadowed by her nails.

The woman’s grown out pink and gold tipped acrylics have come under scrutiny after being shared in several shaming Facebook groups.

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