Boris Johnson welcomes Huawei into the UK after Trump ‘bans’ them

Prime minister of the United Kingdom (UK), Boris Johnson, has revealed that Chinese technology firms, Huawei, can operate its 5G network in the country. This comes in the wake of an attempt by the United States of America (USA) to ensure that the Chinese company is excluded from next-communication generation plans by the West. In apparent defiance to America’s stance on the eve of Brexit, UK stated that Huawei, one of the “high-risk vendors”, would be allowed into the non-sensitive parts of the 5G network.

It has been disclosed that the involvement of such operations in the UK’s telecommunications space would be capped at 35%. Per a report by, Huawei’s service would be excluded from all critical networks and locations such as nuclear sites and military bases. USA is concerned that Huawei could be used as a conduit to steal Western secrets. It has however been confirmed that Johnson and Trump spoke shortly after UK’s decision was made public.

Before the call, however, an official of the Trump administration stated that “There is no safe option for untrusted vendors to control any part of a 5G network. We look forward to working with the UK on a way forward that results in the exclusion of untrusted vendor components from 5G networks.” In other news, China’s tourism industry experienced a boost to up to 81.3 million trips in the first half of the year 2019, has learned.

According to the Chinese Tourism Academy, this represents an increase of 14% year-over-year (YoY), per a report from Alipay and Nielsen. This, per a report by, presents payment providers with a valuable chance to rack up the volume and build loyalty. Payment companies may, therefore, become a preferred option for merchants because the payment method has been recognized as the most popular factor that affects Chinese tourists overseas. This has been pegged at 37% which comes ahead of product quality, which was 36% and price, which was 36%. understands that 44% of Chinese tourists in some popular travel destinations like the UK, Singapore, and South Korea use mobile payments most often while just 13% of their general tourist populations do the same. This suggests that the international acceptance of mobile payments could help payment companies to attract Chinese tourists. For that reason, companies such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, which are major players in China’s mobile payment markets, have been doing their best to expand their networks.


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