Becca’s mother exposed – Lady reveals how she ‘threw her daughter away’ after birth has spotted a young woman claiming that Becca’s mother, Julie Yiadom-Oti, abandoned the singer at birth. According to the lady, Becca’s mother, immediately after giving birth to the singer, put her in basket like the story of Moses in the Bible and left her at the gates of her father’s house with a later that she could not look after her.

Becca’s mother had in a recent interview monitored by opened up on her broken relationship with her daughter claiming they had had a real conversation in almost one year. Among many things, Becca’s mother decried how her position as a mother was given to the singer’s stepmother during the traditional wedding of her daughter.

But in the latest video, the lady stated unequivocally that it was Becca’s stepmother who took care of the musician after she was neglected by her mother.

Moreover, the biological mother failed to attend the wedding even on time and came to the venue just like any other guest. The young woman also claimed it was this selfish and bad behaviour of Becca’s mother that marred her working relationship with former manager, Kiki Banson. She further revealed that when Juliet met Becca’s father, he was already married with children and that she (Juliet) was even in a vocational school.

According to her, Madam Juliet only got closer to the ‘African Woman’ hitmaker when she rose to fame. Over the weekend, the Nigerian husband of Becca, Tobi Sanni Daniel alleged that the mother of the musician is a witch and has ceased her from getting close to her daughter and grandchild.

In reacting to these allegations, Madam Juliet claims Tobi is a fraudster who is depending on her daughter’s wealth for survival and doesn’t want anyone near the musician. She also revealed that she gave birth to Becca at age 15 when she was still in Junior High School and had to drop out of school.


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