Are You A Traitor If You Reveal The Crime Your Country Commits?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘Traitor’ as a person who gives away or sells secrets of his or her country, or someone who is not loyal to particular beliefs or friends. With such a definition, if you are a strong Christian, Muslim or Pagan, yet you are not happy about the crimes your country is committing against other countries around the globe, will you be silent or you’ll reveal the information?

The Bible says that ‘God created man in his own image,’ but we are not one people. The division, violence, and crime going on around the world come from human beings with different mentalities, opinions, and beliefs. Some of the beliefs are bizarre and violent, yet those that carry such violent beliefs don’t see it in that way because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

For example, the ‘Eugenics’ are people who believe in the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics, according to the dictionary. This is the reason many continents such as Africa, with a higher population, is experiencing many man-made diseases those responsible want us to believe that bats, monkeys, bushmeat etc, are responsible.

The fact is that not every citizen is happy about the clandestine crimes his or her country commits. If he is not willing, to tell the truth in public, he will try to contact a journalist or the media to give that sensitive information. Apart from my personal investigations, I get the most information provided in my articles from people who secretly sends me information.

Just today, I got a message from an American who is not happy about the lies of his country. He writes: “Hi Joel, If you are open minded about it, perhaps we can work together to expose the lies of the USA and western nations. I do not know how much help I can offer, but I will do what I can; hopefully, solicit the help of USA scientists who are not allied with Colonial Law. Thanks!

I quickly contacted him with an assurance that I will not publish any information he provides with his name or reveal his identity to avoid prosecution or even an assassination because many millions of Africans after watching American movies or hearing of the word ‘democracy’ think America is a place of perfect happiness, similar to heaven but they are not aware of how dangerous America is as a country.

A country which has committed crimes and made people lives miserable than any country in the world in the world. I get confused sometimes when I see African leaders happily around European and American leaders when they know that these governments have committed biological weapons crimes in Africa, yet blaming bats, monkeys, bushmeat etc, for it.

That doesn’t only show that African leaders are liars but dangerous as well. Why would an African die for a political party? We are part of our own misery, suffering, humiliation, and disgrace. Sometimes, you can write an article which contains nothing but the truth, yet the way people will react, throwing insults at you may put you in a state of shock.

To answer the question if “you are a traitor if one reveals the crime his country commits,” in my opinion, I don’t see such a person as a traitor, the fact that it is citizens who always pay for the sins politicians commit.

For example, America and Belgium are among the most hated countries in the world and many times if terrorist strikes, it’s the innocent citizens who die not the politicians who were responsible.

After replying to his mail, he sends his second: It has taken a long time, but I know I can show a compelling case that HIV was introduced to the population in the USA. The most basic facts of USA history to most people are lost, they do not seem to get:

After our civil war in the USA, the Confederates went home and we gave them the right to vote. Most foolish. Most people here cannot seem to even deal with this. They know there is something wrong, but refuse to accept the most basic facts.

Their PR division in the government is now called the federalist society. I will try to help uncover their lies, there are so many. I believe the fascist whites (Confederates & Zionists) want to kill off and breed out the African nations.

In Russia, Israel, some Asian nations, and even in some Arabian & Persian nations; there are many whites in the governments. Even in countries where there should be no whites at all. This makes no sense. Anyway, I will keep in touch. God does not like liars. Good day to you, thanks for accepting!

“Over to you Ghanaians, and the entire African continent. My own brothers, Ghanaians, often attack me because they don’t believe me. At least, this will convince you that I am not the deceiver but the US government and your wicked African leaders, including Ghanaian leaders, who are the liars, hypocrites, and wicked souls. I am not afraid to die but if suddenly you hear of my death, then you should know those behind it because I have caused many governments to sweat since I am the only journalist who publishes such sensitive articles” – Joel Savage

Joel Savage

Author Joel Savage

Joel Savage is a Ghanaian-Belgian journalist and author. The accredited press-card holder of the Flemish Journalists Association once contributed regularly to the features column of the Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Ghanaian Times and the Weekly Spectator. The writer currently lives in Belgium.,

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