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A/R: 10,000 people vaccinated against COVID-19

Close to 10,000 persons have taken the COVID-19 vaccine in the Ashanti Region.  

This was disclosed by the Regional Health Director, Dr Emmanuel Tenkorang when the Regional Minister-designate Simon Osei Mensah took the vaccine on Thursday, 4 March 2021.

Mr Tenkorang described the exercise as smooth so far.

“The participation has been very good. So far, the side effects and other things that we were expecting, has been very minimal.

“There’s usually side effect associated with any drug, any vaccination, mild general body pains, fever, joint pains and other things, but they’re very transient. It doesn’t last for a long time, so all that you have to do is that take your painkillers like paracetamol and other things, and then you’ll be OK. The participation has been very good. So far the side effects and other things that we were expecting, has been very minimal.”

He added: “As of now, close to 10,000 people have been vaccinated within this short time. When you visit our vaccination centres, you’ll realise that patronage has been very good.”

Dr Tenkorang, however, noted that the exercise has not been without challenges.

He said: “The data capture has not been very good. Because sometimes the internet and other things too, but we’re devising a system so that at least we can capture the data as quickly as possible.”

For his part, the Regional Minister, urged people of the region and Ghana, in general, to get vaccinated.



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