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A deer photobombed a couple’s proposal in a magical moment straight out of a Disney movie

The scene was set for Jake Lee’s surprise proposal to Colbie Wakeley in Michigan’s Saugatuck Dunes State Park: a secluded spot on the beach, candles in the shape of a heart on the sand, a sign with lights spelling out “Mr. and Mrs.,” a musician at the ready.

Then, a wild deer decided to join the celebration. Cue “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

The deer is something of a local celebrity known as the friendly “Saugatuck Buck.” The Michigan Department of Natural Resources instructed people not to approach or feed the animal after it was filmed gallivanting with beachgoers earlier this month.

Photographer Annabelle Christina Clark said that the deer was hanging around the beach before Wakeley and Lee arrived and reappeared as she and her husband photographed the big moment.

“I was snapping photos of the proposal and then of the two of them with that awesome sunset behind them a few moments later, and all of a sudden there was a buck in my frame,” Clark told INSIDER. “We already knew he was pretty friendly since we saw him on the news a week or so ago, so we weren’t freaked out at all.”

The Saugatuck Buck seemed to relish the camera’s attention.

“He just kind of chilled and took his time getting photographed, honestly,” Clark said. “He even hung around for the champagne toast!”

Clark took the photobomb in stride, capturing whimsical shots of the newly-engaged couple with their surprise third wheel.

“Colbie is honestly such a sweet-hearted girl, so I told my husband that this must be what happens when you propose to a Disney princess,” she said.


Oh deer..

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