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779 health workers test positive for COVID-19 in Ghana

About seven hundred and seventy-nine (779) health workers in Ghana have contracted the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Nine of them have, however, succumbed to the disease, while a large number are in isolation awaiting their test results after being exposed to the virus in the line of duty.

A joint press statement by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA), Health Services Workers’ Union of TUC Ghana (HSWU) and Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOSPA) on Thursday, July 9, said the rate of infection among health workers was a matter of grave concern since it was negatively affecting health care delivery at the various health facilities in the country.

Giving a breakdown of infections, the statement said as on Tuesday, June 30, 190 doctors had contracted the disease, with four of them deceased.

It added that 410 nurses and midwives had also been infected with one death, while 156 members of the HSWU had also been infected with three deaths.

It said 23 members of the GHOSPA had also contracted the virus with one unfortunate death.


According to the associations, the increasing numbers could be attributed to inadequate and erratic supply of PPES to health workers both in quantity and quality as well as a general breakdown or non-adherence to infection prevention and control protocols in most facilities.

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