‘1992 Constitution Is Structured To Rob Poor Ghanaians’

The Economic Fighters League, a pressure group, has noted that there is no reason for celebrating the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

That, it said, is because the Constitution is structured to dupe and rob the majority poor to the betterment of the few rich in society.

It described the 1992 Constitution as “sakawa Constitution” as Ghana marks the Constitution Day on January 7, 2020.

In a statement signed by its Fighter-General, Hardi Yakubu, it asked: “how long shall we be silent with the assumption that we have a workable constitution when in fact it is structured to dupe and rob the majority poor to the betterment of the few rich in society?”

January 7, 2020 marks “exactly 28 years since the imposition of the 1992 sakawa Constitution – 28 years of enduring an anti-Youth constitution, a constitution that bars the Youth from putting themselves forward to be voted for as President; a constitution that has denied the people Proportional Representation in governance and effectively created a two-party polarized state; a constitution that has enabled the justification of blatant stealing by politicians in the name of ex-gratia; a constitution that has compromised the powers of Parliament as a result of its lack of independence.”

BY Melvin Tarlue|DGN Online

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