Donald Trump has a particular taste for the degradation of racial, ethnic and religious minorities and women — and God forbid those identities should overlap — as a way of playing out his personal sense of racial, sexist, and patriarchal entitlement. And as he degrades, he plays to those very same entitlements in the base that elected him.

She called me one day to tell me that anytime she sees me, she wonders whether I don’t know the true colors of men. She said I am young so I don’t know how wicked men are. When she sees me going up and down, she laughs… I have a problem with generalizations, I am not married to your husband I am married to my husband. I decided to ignore her uncalled for tips about men. I told myself that when you see someone who is happy in his or her marriage, you know it.

Observing the trend of event at the National Democratic Congress as an outsider with keen interest in the competitiveness of the two major parties in the country, I am very much worried about what the future holds for this party. Regardless of which political party you support, we need NDC and NPP to serve as a check on each other and improve governance.

This is the Second Episode of the Marriage Journals and it is continued from A Glimpse of Kingdom Marriage . Over the years we have met a number of couples struggling in their marriages. In almost all situations we saw a common trend. There are three or four very important things there were not functioning properly or even totally missing in their marriages. Surprisingly these few simple things if included will get rid of more than 80% of marriage difficulties.

High-level corruption is the single biggest impediment to the transformation of our homeland Ghana into an African equivalent of the prosperous and egalitarian societies of Scandinavia. It will take extraordinary courage and leadership - of the kind that puts political leaders into the Pantheon of humankind's all-time greatest leaders - on the part of President Akufo-Addo, and creative-thinking by the more responsible sections of the Ghanaian media, to finally root out the high-level corruption that is slowly bleeding Mother Ghana to death.

The girl-child in Ghana, as she is in other African countries, is still challenged by an assortment of stereotypes. The setting aside of a day to highlight her challenges with a view to reversing these, as took place last week, could not have come at a better time.

Why do we fear today above all other Fridays? On any other Friday, we hear the gleeful exclamation of "TGIF." The work week is almost over, and playtime is about to begin. But when Friday the 13th arrives, many of us respond quite differently. Travel arrangements are canceled, and doctor appointments are rescheduled. Risky endeavors of all kinds are put off in an effort to avoid tempting fate. Modern Homo sapiens are remarkably sophisticated creatures, capable of writing symphonies, solving the Poincare Conjecture and inventing Nutella, yet we carry around a number of fears that seem to be more characteristic of our ancient past.

In Las Vegas on 1 October 2017, it appears that one man (although it might have been more) killed 59 people and shot and injured another 241 (with almost 300 more injured while fleeing). The incident got a lot of publicity, partly because the man managed to kill more people than most mass killers. However, because the killer was a white American and had a Christian name, he was not immediately labeled a terrorist, even though his death toll considerably exceeded that achieved in many ‘terrorist attacks’, including those that occur in war zones (such as US drone murders of innocent people attending weddings).

Viewers of Saturday Night Live noticed something missing this weekend. NBC's late night sketch show sets out to skewer the cultural zeitgeist. And what showbiz story captured the cultural zeitgeist this week better than the tale of Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood titan who has (finally) been accused in print of decades of sexual harassment?

President Akufo Addo in his moment of grief, soon after the gas explosion at Atomic Junction said, we have experienced too many such disasters, an anomaly which demands immediate intervention.

Are the jail sentences for pedophiles not deterrent enough? The question has been necessitated by the rising number of defilement cases across the country. It would appear that every other day a pedophile is jailed but in spite of the reality the crime continues. There is no doubt therefore that those outside the prison walls are not hearing what awaits those who defile minors.

It is absolutely true that education plays a crucial role in the nation building, thus, the anticipatory and logical approach to improving accessibility and quality is not through political rhetoric and insobrieties, but through well-thought through policies such as the Akufo-Addo’s free SHS.

The above topic would have been framed as "The Role of the 2020 ECOWAS Common currency in the fate of the Ghanaian". One could also put the above as "The ECOWAS Common Currency in overcoming the core Economic Challenges of Ghana". It will not be out of place to say "The Introduction of the ECOWAS Currency in 2020 to make the Ghanaian Globally Competitve". Last but not the least is "the Introduction of the ECOWAS Common Currency in 202 to End Complication of Business in West Africa".

Whether it was the Devil’s, Suarez’s or Maradona’s hand its recipients would live to remember it as a ‘Black Friday’.131 radio stations had been found operating with expired licenses. 34 of them had had their licenses already revoked.

“…AND THERE was an Ethiopian, a eunuch, a court official of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who was in charge of all her treasure. He had come to Jerusalem to worship and was returning, seated in his chariot, and he was reading the prophet Isaiah…So Philip ran to him and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and asked, ‘Do you understand what you are reading?’ And he said, ‘How can I, unless someone guides me?” (Acts 8: 27- 31a).

In the early parts of the 21st century, China became an important source of finance for African development. The continent's infrastructure was in disrepair; it had crumpled after decades of abject neglect and destruction from senseless civil wars. A substantial investment was – and still – needed to rebuild this infrastructure.

Gandhi Jayanti – 2 October, the date of Mohandas K. Gandhi’s birth in 1869 and the International Day of Nonviolence – offers an opportunity to reflect on human violence and to ponder ways to end it. There may be a fast way to end human violence but, if there is, Gandhi did not know it. Nor do I. Nor does anyone else that I have read or asked either. But this does not mean there is no way to end human violence.

Sometime in 2015, I banned my mother from talking to me about Ghana. Since I work as a journalist, I'm the go-to news source for my family and friends. Every day, I'm called upon to do three things; to affirm or deny something they heard on the news, provide more details of a particular story and generally chat about running issues. In the beginning, it didn't seem like a chore, but after years of talking about scandals, Ghana's failings, the mismanagement and corruption of successive governments, I got tired.

Donald Trump may be the American President, but he doesn't understand the importance of American values -- particularly freedom of expression, pluralism and tolerance. In fact, he is a threat to them.

The Bible is more than clear in its theological claim that Jesus Christ will return to Earth at an undisclosed, future time. In fact, that belief is a central hallmark of the Christian faith.

Instructions from a lady to her date.Today is 21st September, 108 years ago when God gave Ghana, Africa and the World Dr Kwame Nkrumah. A year ago, it was celebrated as Founder's Day but President Akufo Addo says Ghana is not a Fast Food Joint to be founded by one man and so he has smartly shifted the apostrophe between the r and s (Founder's) that made Nkrumah the Sole Proprietor of Ghana and brought it after the s (Founders') to include his Uncle J B Danquah and all those who contributed in no small way even if not as significant as Nkrumah to our Independence.

I have always been deathly afraid of ghosts. I don’t know why. As a child, the easiest way to terrify or creep me out was to suggest that a ghost was lurking around. I would literally become your slave in exchange for protection. One of my sisters really took advantage of this fear that I had. She would just simply say “Ojuju will catch you” and I’d become paralyzed or freeze in whatever position I was in, then she would get me to do whatever she wanted or stay away from a part of the house she didn’t want me going.

1. Why did the NDC Opposition in Parliament accuse The Honourable Agyarko of bribing some of them?

Two successive strokes of tragedy left a family of three without their parents.In September 2016, father of a 26-year old KNUST graduate Ama, passed away. Her devastated mother would follow her husband to the grave the following month, November.

TODAY IS FREE SHS DAY, a very historic day in the annals of this nation. That for the first time, a Government is attempting to offer free secondary education to ALL its young people including feeding them, despite concerns about quality and equity issues. A bold attempt to reduce poverty and stimulate increased economic development.

Every night as dusk falls in Piazza Gastone in the Noce district of Palermo, a tall, imposing Ghanaian woman dressed in traditional west African robes stands before a small congregation sweating in rows of plastic chairs before her.

For those of us committed to systematically reducing and, one day, ending human violence, it is vital to understand what is causing and driving it so that effective strategies can be developed for dealing with violence in its myriad contexts. For an understanding of the fundamental cause of violence, see ‘Why Violence?’

Among the key things humans need to survive on this earth, water happens to be one of them. As the saying goes "water is life. One cannot live without water, which only proves its essence in human life. Many of our foods such as fish, crabs, and lobsters live in water. As a matter of fact keeping our water bodies safe and clean is expected of us.

Before you join me in psycho-analyzing the issue of a man’s “beauty” being subject to the weight of his pocket, let’s get one thing straight: Money is sexy as hell. Yes, I said so. A while ago, if someone made the same statement and I heard it, I would look at them with disdain, while thinking to myself: “what a shallow somebody” …and naturally, I would roll my eyes… very heavily too.

You don't need to be Fraudster to become RICH, Kill to become RICH, Steal from the state to become RICH, Lie to become RICH, Rob to become RICH, Cheat others to become RICH nor any form of Political appointment to become RICH. RICHES must not be criticised but must be Celebrated by the People who Believe in You

The question as to whether Adolescent Pregnancy in particular, uncontrolled child birth and such other tendencies that lead to large families are emerging issues in contemporary Societies or have always existed in the Ghanaian society came up about three (3) years ago on Choice Fm(Now Kasapa Fm),during discussion of an earlier article entitled “Adolescent Pregnancy In Ghana” to which this is a sequel.

The phrase "I am incorruptible" was persistently used by the sitting President and still repeating it in office. Repetition is what makes fake news work and it seems the President and his propagandists use it as a stable of political propaganda. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, "Slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea" I have written several articles on the President's eloquence and how he is using that natural gift to manipulate the masses.

As most of us know or should know, present day Ghana was known as the Gold Coast during the pre-independence era. The name Ghana was adopted at the time of independence from Britain in 1957. According to some historical documents and other publications the Republic of Ghana is named after the medieval Ghana Empire of West Africa.

Racism is not a new phenomenon and while it is an ongoing daily reality for vast numbers of people, it also often bursts from the shadows to remind us that just because we can keep ignoring the endless sequence of ‘minor’ racist incidents, racism has not gone away despite supposedly significant efforts to eliminate it.

Ever since, following the National Democratic Congress’ massive defeat in the 2016 general election, Mr. Abraham Amaliba publicly stated that he was determined to ensure that the Akufo-Addo-led government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) failed in its noble attempt to raise the living standards of Ghanaian citizens over the next four years, I have completely written him off as a critic who has any meaningful contribution to make towards the development of the country.

Over the past four decades, a huge amount of effort has gone into cleaning America’s heavily polluted waters. Is all of that progress about to be undone?
Peter Gleick is a member of the US National Academy of Science and the president-emeritus of Pacific Institute

In deep joy of admiration and pleasure of satisfaction, we, fellows of the Network of Young Mentees of Bagbin, NYMB-Ghana, wish to officially use this opportunity to congratulate our mentor, Hon. Alban S.K. Bagbin, Second Deputy Speaker of Ghana Parliament, and MP for Nadowli/Kaleo Constituency, for once again making us proud with his very recentachievement, DOCTOR OF LAWS, Honoris Causa, LLD, h.c., awarded to him by the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana, in recognition of his well distinguished and luminous roles in shaping the growth of democratic governance in Ghana through the legislative arm of government, The Parliament of Ghana.

The second meeting of the First Session of the Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana came to an end on Wednesday, August 2, 2017. However, the second meeting, which began on a cordial note, hit the rock at the tail-end of the session.

Former President, Jerry John Rawlings’ name is ringing everywhere this week. It’s ringing in Axim (down southwestern part of Ghana) and it’s ringing in Zabzugutatale in the north. Over 38 years ago, the Rawlings’ ring tone was much-sought after and it seems it is loud today too.

A wonderful thing about observing and analyzing the human mind is that there is a seemingly infinite variety of phenomena to observe and analyze. I sometimes wonder if it is even remotely possible to master this subject but, even if it is not, at least it provides an unending source of ‘entertainment’.

Once again, the President has proven to the citizenry, that he is the leader who is determined to lead the country on the trajectory of socio-economic transformation, personal liberties and economic freedoms. Addressing the media at the Jubilee House, the Presidential Seat, on 18th July, 2017, he made it clear of his resolve and drive to bequeath to the current and successive generations, a very robust economy and a prosperous nation.

We must not look at the shooting death of a white woman by a black male police officer (both who seem to have been immigrants) and think to ourselves that somehow this tragedy is worse than the thousands of police shootings the nation has had to confront since Eric Garner was killed three years ago this week and Michael Brown was killed three years ago next month.

The reggae legend, Bob Nesta Marley of blessed memory ever said in of his songs that if you have knowledge through education, no one can take it away from you or steal it from you. It is often times said that education makes a woman more attractive and beautiful as well as men more gentlemanly and respectable. Many countries lay a great emphasis on education for the people.

My daughter’s unborn sibling is in the freezer, to be made into a real human being at a later date, should we decide to do another round of IVF. The fertility clinic contacted me recently to remind me that it’s still there. As if I had forgotten.

Meet Kofi, a twelve-year-old boy who works at a gold mine in the Central Region. On Monday Kofi is working to bring home some money for his parents and five siblings. By Wednesday he is dead. His body is dragged out from the crumbled remains of the mud wall that had collapsed in the large open pit he was working in. Kofi will never grow up. He will never become a doctor, an engineer or a teacher; a violently extinguished flame, Kofi’s light is one that will never be added to the fire of Ghana’s economy.

When I first heard Akuffo Addo proclaim his flagship policy of one district, one factory during the campaign trail for the 2016 elections, I became dumbfounded for a while as I struggled to wonder why a center-right political party will bother to institute a program that only the far left does. I began to conceive maybe the proclamation is part of the regular political gymnastics that we have seen of recent times in Ghana just to woo voters.

I do not hate the homosexuals nor will ever hate them. God loves humanity and desires for everyone to live free from sin though he has given us the free will of living.

Women, forgive me for niching my message today. This is not intended to create division. It’s just another aspect of the truth. Let’s just follow. I will entreat every man born of a woman to read this write-up and be blessed as we mount war against the enemy attacking our men and lynching them before their time.

Meisie Nkosi has come a long way since her days selling boiled eggs at bus stops. The former school teacher received an entrepreneurial award for her guest house, Bella Bonni. The guest house owner was awarded the title of Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year in the Sanlam/ Business Partners annual competition. The ceremony was held in Johannesburg last year.

In 1932, Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein conducted a correspondence subsequently published under the title ‘Why War?’ See ‘Why War: Einstein and Freud’s Little-Known Correspondence on Violence, Peace, and Human Nature. In many ways, this dialogue between two giants of the 20th century is symbolic of the effort made by many humans to understand that perplexing and incredibly damaging feature of human experience: the institution of war.

Has Hon. Kennedy Agyapong become a pain in the neck? If indeed he has, then what caused such a philanthropist who vowed to die for NPP and his country to suddenly become an excruciating pain in the arse of NPP? It is an open secret, a public knowledge of course, that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has done immense lot for the NPP to come to power.

The National Science and Maths Quiz NSMQ has been able to capture the hearts of Ghanaians, in the way and manner only the Blackstars were able to, and I would like us to think and reflect on these issues suitable for this moment before the fire dies out. So having been on campus when the competitions begun, I was at one of the outdoor socialisation games held for the schools involved.