Some messages sent through WhatsApp can be intercepted and read thanks to a bug in the app, suggests research.The bug arises because of the way WhatsApp encrypts the messages sent via its service.

"Jia Jia" can hold a simple conversation and make specific facial expressions when asked, and her creator believes the eerily life-like robot heralds a future of cyborg labour in China.Billed as China's first human-like robot, Jia Jia was first trotted out last year by a team of engineers at the University of Science and Technology of China.

They were proposed almost exactly 100 years ago by Albert Einstein, based on his theory of general relativity, but it was only in February 2016 that scientists proved the existence of gravitational waves. And now, China is starting work on the world’s highest altitude telescope that can detect them.

The same guy who graced a Playboy cover and said, “If you need Viagra, you’re probably with the wrong girl.” Donald Trump, who appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine and whose misogynistic comments might only be outnumbered by his racist remarks, has pledged to crack down on pornography if elected president.

We’ve all sent an email that we immediately regretted sending. Maybe you broke up with someone rashly. Maybe you told your boss what’s what, only to remember you didn’t have any job security. Thankfully Gmail has made it easy to recall an email before it gets to its destination, provided you act fast enough. Here’s how to recall an email in Gmail in a few easy steps.

Dating today kind of sucks. We can all admit it. For every second of joy you get from a new Tinder match, there are hours of bored swiping, terrible conversations that don't go anywhere, not to mention outright awful and forgettable dates, if you actually make it that far. Then, sometimes, you go on a date and things are seeming promising — but your match decides she's not into it anymore and won't explain.

Mark Zuckerberg started 2016 with a cookie cutter message of hope. “As the world faces new challenges and opportunities, may we all find the courage to keep making progress and making all our days count,” he wrote on his Facebook wall on 1 January.

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