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She was flying Lucky Air, but that wasn't enough for an elderly Chinese woman who tossed coins at the jet's engine to wish for a safe flight, prompting authorities to detain her and ground the flight.

Mali held on to defeat Ghana 2-1 and reach the semi-finals of the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 on Saturday.

In the beginning, first lady Melania Trump was mocked for her absence from the White House. Then she was criticized for her clothes and her shoes. On Wednesday some conspiracy theorists on Twitter were convinced she wasn't even Melania — she's a body double!


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Serving your spouse is serving Christ

October Is Domestic Violence Month

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Smoking cigarettes, along with having five or more oral sex partners, increases men’s risk for the most common type of head and neck cancer.

The active ingredient in "magic mushrooms" may help patients with tough-to-treat depression, a new study suggests.

Here's news that might sour you on sweets: New research shows that overdoing it on sugar might harm the livers of otherwise healthy men.

Legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw says incessant loud moaning during sex is a crime which must be punished.

It’s official: If you want a longer life, you need to get moving. A recent study published in the journal The Lancet found that the minimum amount of exercise you need to increase your longevity is approximately 150 minutes per week.

A maiden national survey on blindness and visual impairment has established that 300,000 people representing 1.07 per cent of the Ghanaian population, are on the verge of getting blind because they suffer a severe visual impairment.

Scientists at Japan's space agency have discovered a huge moon cave that could one day house a base that would shelter astronauts from dangerous radiation and wild temperature swings, officials said on Thursday.

An asteroid named Florence whizzed past Earth on Friday, safely passing us by at the distance of 7 million kilometers (4.4 million miles) from the surface. According to NASA, Florence was "the largest asteroid to pass this close to our planet since the first near-Earth asteroid was discovered over a century ago."

Curiosity, the tiny rover exploring the Gale Crater on Mars, has sent back data confirming that the assigned area offered a habitable environment for micro organisms at some point in time.

Scientists have discovered that 1.3 million years from now a star will brush past our solar system, potentially sending a huge mass of comets hurtling towards Earth.

Several of the planets orbiting a nearby star may harbor “substantial amounts” of water, astronomers say, including three planets situated in a habitable part of the star’s solar system.

Don't want to wait until Monday to watch the eclipse? A team of researchers at Predictive Science Inc. has a solution for you, a computer simulation of the much-anticipated total solar eclipse.

HE is one of the most celebrated highlife musicians in the country and last Wednesday was another positive moment for Daddy Lumba when he was appointed a tourism ambassador.

As much as the Ghanaian society has advanced, we are still quite traditional in the roles assigned women and men.

PaGya, a literary festival in Accra aimed at igniting passion in literature, will from Friday, October 20 open at the Goethe-Institut in Accra.

Ghanaian Actress, Moesha Boduong who said that she has not been lucky with younger guys revealed why she prefers to date, old men.

Harvey Weinstein's wife has announced she has left him, describing his behaviour as "unforgivable" amid an escalating number of claims of sexual harassment against the disgraced movie mogul.

Highlife musician, Akosua Agyapong, has been hauled before the Accra Circuit Court, for allegedly conspiring with another person and defrauding a businessman of Gh₵105,000 in a land deal.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has suggested for government to introduce sex tourism in order to reduce the high rate of prostitution in the country.

According to him, it would be impossible to completely abolish prostitution but the introduction of sex tourism where prostitutes who are old enough are selected and trained to entertain foreigners who come to Ghana as tourists.

His comment comes on the back of the statement by the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of the Tamale metropolis Iddrisu Musa Superior to abolish prostitution in the Tamale metropolis.

Speaking to Boamah Darko, host of 'Maakye' educative morning show on Accra-based Hot 93.9FM, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who acknowledged how prostitution is fast increasing in the country though it's illegal, accentuated that no one would be able to abolish the act but measures can be put in place to reduce it:

"We must start going after them (prostitutes) and council them. We could provide jobs for those who are fit to work and send the teenagers involved to school to keep them busy because when they get busy with other things, these things could stop but no one can abolish prostitution, the oldest profession because some may do it behind closed doors.

...What could help is to introduce sex tourism where some selected prostitutes are trained to entertain tourists but this should be something exclusive which could be introduced in the law but it should not be made attractive for others to join."

| HotfmOnlinegh.com

Editor's Note|

You're completely out of your mind. I suggest they use the same measures they took on galamsey operations in Ghana on prostitutes and arm-robbery. They can train these youth in different kind of trades,or even counselling services to help others who need it. The Church can't do this alone...After all that praises and worship services, people need jobs to take care of themselves and their aging parents.Becoming the # prostitution nation for others to come in and dump  their diseases isn't the solution this bogus lawyer is suggesting, it will only tarnish our image as good citizens.Will it be fair for a nation to allow crackheads to fail even if they can help them to recover?

A familiarization visit to one of Ghana’s biggest natural parks, the Mole National Park, took an unexpected turn when the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture and her entourage were taken hostage by an angry elephant.

The United States of America (USA) will begin accepting applications for the 2019 Diversity Visa Lottery Program (DV2019) today, Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 16:00 hours Universal Time.

More than 10,000 passport booklets have been left uncollected at the Passport Office in Accra. At the Ridge Passport Application Centre alone, over 4,000 passports are yet to be collected.

While everyone's waiting in line for the chance at a big screen TV, you'll booking your next glamorous vacation from the comfort of your sofa...and for a fraction of the price. Travel deals don't usually come to mind when Black Friday rolls around, but 2018 is officially the year to take advantage of the incredible sales on airfare and hotels.

Hundreds of children separated from their beloved teddy bears are being given the chance to be reunited under an initiative launched by Glasgow Airport on Thursday.

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